Bo Digg–Time and a Girl

For fans of classic Britpop, Luxotone is reissuing Bo Digg’s CD “Time and a Girl (2001)” containing the long-lost and (until now) barely remembered single “Time and a Girl” released by Bo Digg and the Seventh Sense in 1969.  Think Pink Floyd’s “Apples and Oranges” or Love’s “Red Telephone” or anything by the early Beach Boys.  Bo nailed it—a sound, a vibe, an attitude.  But then he apparently lost his hammer and spent years in obscurity.  After a nearly decade-long campaign to get VH1’s attention (Bo insists his story is perfect for the now-defunct “Where Are They Now?” segment), Bo got our attention last year by sending faxes and recording songs on our office answering machine.  We did not know who he was, but we love his sound, his persistence, and his stories about helping countless names in rock write some of their biggest hits.  Really, Bo’s a talented artist, long due for some recognition, and a for the most part a really nice guy (just don’t mention Donovan).