Bo Digg responds to “the Donovan situation”

Those of you who have discovered Bo Digg through his recent Luxotone releases will know that Bo has a long-standing relationship (of sorts) to Donovan, the Scottish folk singer with whom Bo Digg is frequently confused.  You have to admit there’s a certain likeness there (compare this vintage pic of the Scottish troubador with the cover of Bo’s ‘come-back’ greatest hits cassette from the 90’s). The problem is so serious, Bo says, that his career fizzled  after “Jonathan Mortimer Canary” only because Donovan’s disastrous album Cosmic Wheels rubbed off on him.  Suddenly in 1973 nobody returned his phone calls, and his audience dropped off drastically (except for a handful of kids who kept calling out for Bo to sing “Intergalactic Laxative”).   They’d say, “Bo Digg? Isn’t he the guy that Robert Christgau said had ‘a head full of nothing‘?”

Wrong. Wrongwrongwrong (as Bo likes to say). In fact he’s weathered the Donovan situation pretty well for some twenty years or more now.  But with news that Donovan will be Mellow Yellowing his way to Cleveland and the Rock Hall of Fame induction ceremony this year, Bo has apparently had enough.  His publicist sent us this press release:


Rocker Bo Digg was to hold a press conference from his Double-Wide in the San Fernando Valley yesterday afternoon.. No one showed, so he rescheduled it for this morning, from the stockroom at the 7-11 where he works. No one attended. Mr. Digg released a statement via the web:

‘I have no comment, at this time, on Mr. Donivin’s “induction” into the R and R Hall–due to the ongoing litigation cases against Mr. Donivin, and others, still pending, relating to lyrics, copyrights and of course issues of image likeness.

However I will say that I am not bitter, but there is no way I can accept any invitation to speak in his honor at this or any future event concerning Donivin, or concerning the Rock Hall itself as long as this kind of oversight goes on and the real heroes of rock are overlooked and forced to pawn their guitars and work in retail making slurpees and such.

Peace. Love. Send cash,

Bo Digg.

Bo Digg is not alone on this one.  Even people who have no idea who Bo Digg is, or the small but important part he played in music history, are weighing in against the induction of Donovan. Now if Bo can only get the attention of the secretive (and so-called) “nominating committee,” perhaps the Rock Hall can restore some of its lost credibility by recognizing Bo’s contributions.  If they’re so smitten with “Intergalactic Laxative,” maybe they need to remember Bo’s own foray (before “Space Oddity,” mind you) into the space-exploration-meets-the-electric-guitar, such as his 1969 single “Apollo Infinity.” 

I mean, they didn’t call it a “stratocaster” for nothing, right?

This single mysteriously got sucked into the black hole at the center of the music business, too.  And of course it didn’t help that the French EMI affiiliate that pressed the single misspelled Bo’s name.