Fore–Robin O’Brien

This 4 track EP is yet another piece of documental evidence that the people running major labels don’t know their Blind Lemon Jefferson’s from their Blind Lemon Pie’s (see ‘Spinal Tap’). Indeed the first song here ‘Finding / Losing’ is said to be a response to Robin’s courtship with major labels; I’m not that clued up on her previous career but I think I can take it that any past experience she’s had ended sourly. Again though I’m left wondering why? With a lot of un-signed demos I receive the problem is that a bit of studio gloss can never disguise a lack of songwriting talent. That’s certainly not the case here; O’Brien writes with a lyrical and sonic range that is staggering, all of these songs are sure-fire hit singles in a parallel universe where all is just and fair in the music world. There’s a hint of the country confessional Lucinda Williams here and a dash of Liz Phair style rock chic attitude there, but essentially this is a singer-songwriter with a strong identity, great voice and a bucketful of talent. —, Dan’s Indie Inbox