Dive Into the End of the World

Robin O’Brien’s new album, Dive Into the End of the World (Luxotone 708), is available at CDbaby.com and iTunes.  Tracks can be previewed or purchased for download here or at luxotone.bandcamp.com. Special thanks to the many musicians and friends who contributed to this record. Especially, Kevin Salem, Jocelyne Lanois, Nikos Eliot, Marcus Giamatti, Chris Harford, Anthony Presti and […]

It’s the end of the world and it sounds fine.

Robin O’Brien’s upcoming album, Dive into the End of the World, is smoldering and about to explode.  Robin’s friends Kevin Salem (Dumptruck, Freedy Johnston, Mercury Rev, Rachel Yamagata) and Jocelyne Lanois (Martha and the Muffins, Ani DiFranco, Sarah McLachlan) have contributed guitar and bass tracks that sound–what else?–apocalyptic.  Creation meets destruction, in the key of […]


It’s halloween and I just noticed a review of Robin O’Brien’s first Luxotone EP, FORE, on Amazon.com. It says, “How often do you hear a singer that can inspire goosebumps?”  Must be spooky good. Last week’s review of Robin’s The Empty Bowl called it “haunting”.  Hmmm.