Bo Digg Live!

Modest as ever, Bo Digg says the recently discovered recording of a live solo appearance at the Redpool Civic Center from 1972 is not worth releasing.  But we disagree.  Even though the tape had to be reconstructed and some crucial verses of his “Has Anyone Seen My Old Friend Janis Joplin?” are lost, and you […]

Two lost Bo Digg tapes

Luxotone is releasing two lost songs by English-born, L.A.-Living pop recluse Bo Digg. One is a splendid version of “Jonathan Mortimer Canary” that Bo apparently forgot all about (this is a pattern with him). Instead of the slow, pensive meditation immortalized in this video, this version features a full band and an amazing performance by […]

Robin and Patti?

Usually Robin O’Brien and her music are compared to liz Phair, Lucinda Williams, Ani Difranco, and Kate Bush.  I’ve never heard Patti Smith before, but that’s what says in its recent review of The Empty Bowl: “The fourth full-length release from Robin O’Brien. To be a virtual unknown, this lady writes and records some remarkably […]

New Slopes and Robin O’Brien Albums coming soon

The new albums by Robin O’Brien and by Slopes of Distant Hills went to mastering this week and early reports are good (as in: “wow this album is gorgeous” and “it sounds analog—where did you record it?”).  Slopes of Distant Hills was recorded with a ribbon mic whenever possible, and it shows.  Andrew Maurer’s rich […]

John Huss on Luxotone

Philosopher, songwriter, and performer John Huss (of the John Huss Moderate Combo, not to be confused with the 16th-century heretic Jan Huss, though the confusion is frequent and understandable) has recorded a collaborative song with Luxotone.  It’s titled … well I’m not sure what John wants to call it.  I call it “Charles Nelson Reilly” […]